7 Commandments to Destroy a Marriage and 7 Commandments to Save It
I prefer to read them in positive:

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To destroy marriage:


1- Do not demonstrate you love them, because they already  know it.

2- Hold a grudge against their mistakes and don’t ever forgive them.

3- Don’t love them as they are, but as you would like them to be: look only at their faults and not at their virtues.

4- Get used to their company, which seems normal, something you deserve.

5- Tease with your love; there are more important things: make frequent trips without him / her and intimate with other people.

6- Automate the love relationship, don’t pay attention to details.

7- More children? Are you crazy? They only bring problems



I prefer to read them in positive: "7 commandments for a happy marriage"



1- Say that you love them every day: he/she likes to hear it, although they already know it.

2- Get used to forgive and forget their mistakes.

3- Love them as they are: look at the virtues and not at the defects. Think that you are also flawed.

4- Amaze yourself every day of the possibility of having them close: do not get used to their company.

5- Protect the most important thing you have: your love. Do not risk it and take care of it with all your might.

6- Enjoy every detail they have with you and strive to have new details of love every day.

7- Take care of your children and stay open to life: work and fun are not the priority.

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