7 Christian Ideas to Enjoy the Olympics and Grow with them Spiritually
Rio 2016 Olympic Games

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August 9th, 2016

We are in the midst of the celebration of the Olympic Games in Rio of Janeiro. Perhaps more than one Catholic will have wondered if, in addition to entertaining, this world sporting event can also serve in your path of sanctification, in your life and spiritual growth. Is it possible?

Here are seven ways as a Catholic can enrich himself, evangelize and enjoy the Olympics in this year of mercy.

1. Admire athletes who express their faith publicly

Show your admiration and appreciation for those athletes who are not afraid to show their faith in public.


2. Pray for athletes and their countries

During the opening ceremony, did you investigate the present situation of a particular country? Do you know the situation of Christians in these countries? Do you pray for it and it’s sporting representatives? If you didn't, you're still on time...


3. Teach your children the value of effort and discipline

The Olympics are a great opportunity to educate your children, nephews, etc. about how important it is in life to work hard to get something, effort, sacrifice and joy, discipline.

For this it may be useful to have on hand the text of the first letter written by St. Paul to the inhabitants of Corinth (9,24-27):

"You do not know that in the stadium races everyone runs, but only one receives the prize? Run so that you get it! Athletes deprive themselves of everything; and that for a corruptible crown! we, on the other hand, for an incorruptible one. So, I run, not like the luck; and I exercise the pugilato, not like giving blows in the emptiness, but I strike my body and I enslave it; lest, having proclaimed others, I should be disqualified myself." 


4. Prays every day of the Olympic Games by the host country, Brazil.

And especially by the host city, San Sebastián of Rio de Janeiro, the name with which it was founded in 1565.


5. Value the samples of human values in athletes.

To help or comfort the adversary, to ask forgiveness, to encourage others, especially the one who needs it most, to promote unity, fellowship and respect for the other are attitudes that must be put into value.



6. Try to get an idea of which athletes are Catholics.

There is always some, even small, sign or detail that gives some hint of it. Does anyone carry a crucifix? Do they sign up before competing? Have you read, seen or read anything about them in a Catholic source of information? Do they come from a Catholic university?


7. Learn about the Olympic athletes who have given their face for their faith

Did you know that an Olympic athlete refused to run one of the most attractive tests of athletics because it had been scheduled for Sunday, the day of the Lord? We give you a hint: they made a film about him and his participation in the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris.

(Inspired by Shaun Mcafee's proposals published in Epic Pew).


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