5 Irrefutable Arguments in the Defense of Life
Human life begins at the time of conception, this is a scientific fact.

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Human life begins at the time of conception, this is a scientific fact. 23 chromosomes of the mother and the father respectively, unite and give rise to a being with 46 chromosomes that has unique and unrepeatable characteristics in the history of mankind.

My three pregnancies have cost me a lot. Not only my body changed dramatically but also my whole being. I no longer think or feel the same about anything in life. Pregnancy is a complex process that involves the mother and her entire system around her. I believe that it it’s the greatest delivery and donation that exists because you donate your own body so that it nourishes with your blood and lodges in its entrails another human being who will always be your kid. 

It’s not new that the Western world is divided into positions about pregnancy and life. The position for abortion, also known as Pro Choice, states that it’s the woman's sole and exclusive decision to make her body what she wants. This of course reaches its maximum expression when the woman is able to get rid of her child by means of an abortion by her own choice. That's what they call women's empowerment. Many times, the arguments used sound so "reasonable" that if we don’t have real information, scientific and faith, we are speechless and even in some cases we get the question of whether to abort in certain circumstances would be the best option for a woman. This gallery presents some facts that rebates pro-abortion ideas and clarifies the right to life we all have, including a baby growing in the womb of his/her mother. I hope it will be helpful and if one is not very clear, let's discuss it!


1.The body of the embryo is not the body of the mother.

The body of the embryo is a body completely different from that of the mother. It has a unique and unrepeatable genetics from that first moment of conception where all its characteristics have already been defined. While the baby at that time cannot fend for himself that doesn’t reduce his humanity. The same happens with a newborn baby, it can’t stand on its own but it’s still a person. Both need their mother to fend for themselves, and it’s not the mother's right to get rid of any of them. In neither case is the mother’s body. With 4 mm, 6 weeks of gestation, the heart of the fetus is beating strongly.


2."Therapeutic abortion" does not cure.

Therapy means cure and abortion cures nothing. There are very high-risk pregnancies, it's true. Technology is so advanced that it’s possible to take the necessary care to try to save both lives. In trying to save them can happen that one of them unfortunately passes away and that we can’t control but, we don’t have to decide which is saved and which is not. There are thousands of testimonies from mothers who reject treatments for not affecting their pregnancy. The mother won’t get cured by killing the baby. The same thing would happen in the opposite case, killing the mother doesn’t cure the child. With 1 cm, 8 weeks and already has developed heart, brain, legs and arms. He/she makes his/her first attempts to touch his/her face.


3.An abortion after a rape increases the pain and tragedy of the act.

Rape is a terrible assault. That’s a reality. If rape ends up in a pregnancy, getting rid of the child who is conceived won’t lessen the pain, or the trauma. On the contrary, an abortion generates more damage, because the woman goes against the depths of her being. Post-abortion syndrome exists and aggravates these situations. Eliminating a child isn’t the fairest solution in such an act of violence. There are a number of testimonies that show that continuing the pregnancy as a result of rape is a process of reconciliation and love.

With 5 cm, 10 weeks and the fingerprints that will identify you for good are already defined


4.Eliminating a child with deficiencies doesn’t stop the pain.

The eugenic abortion, that is to say aborting a child by his/her conditions, doesn’t end the pain of the parents or of the same child. It’s scientifically proven that the desire to live, the attitude towards the future and the vulnerability to frustration are the same in people with physical deficiencies and without them. There is no difference in the desire to life. Ending a child that comes with deficiencies only contributes to the culture of discarding. It means returning to the human being in an object, where apparently some are worth more than others. 

At 12 weeks pregnant The baby is the size of a bean. You just found out you're pregnant and your baby's already sucking a finger.


5.Only the desired children should be born.

Feelings are so volatile that this argument is diluted by itself. How do you know you're not going to want this kid at a more advanced stage of your pregnancy? What you feel today changes tomorrow. It's impossible to know the future. Less the future of feelings. Putting a life, your son's, at that height is absurd.

A 14-week-old baby knows what pain is. Run away from the needles. His/her nervous system is formed and brain already receives signals that allow him/her to discern that it hurts.


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