Custom or Conviction?
Don't be afraid to be what God has created in you.

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Days ago, I heard a priest say that human beings are accustomed to doing good or doing the right thing because after doing it there’s a reward, that since we were young, we were encouraged to do things well to get something in return. We learned to be a good student to get us a prize, clean our room to get some permission or eat vegetables to be able to get dessert.

Yes, it's all been a manipulation! A manipulation of someone who knew it was best for each one of us but, what has this got to do with my relationship with God?

As we get to know God's love, we understand that there is something beyond our reason that we can’t explain, we’re looking for a way to do what is right because we believe there’s a promise to be fulfilled by Jesus. But how sincere are my actions ... do I do them with the conviction that is the right thing to do or I do it because it was what I was taught to?

Every relationship has its highs and lows, sometimes we fall into monotony by  doing the same thing for fear of giving a little more, we stay at the minimum, we need to feel good and "be well with God" and we’re are good , we do things right and we think "I go to mass always", "I Go on missions", and so other thoughts... And when things don't go well with God, we think we have the right to complain with him just because “things were supposed to go well since we did the right things”.

"If you love those who love you, what merit do you have? Sinners also love those who love them. " Lc 6, 32

How easy it is to be good when you are surrounded by good people, from people who share your same ideals! But not always people or the environment where we live will be "our comfort zone".

To know if metal is good and has quality it needs to be exposed to fire, that fire that burns but also purifies and then makes it shine. Imagine that "fire" are the moments where you have made it difficult to act out of conviction, where it has cost you to believe and trust in the will of God and begin to let you carry your emotions.

Don't be afraid to be what God has created you to, if you’ve had a close experience of his love, prove it, act in such a way that everyone can notice that what you lived conquered your heart. You are Catholic at all times, not just in the comfort of seeing and feeling the presence of God in your life.

"Don’t hide in the darkness what you have seen in the light"

When you want something or someone, you need to be there in the good and in the bad times, in moments of joy and moments of loss. Also, there’s where love is strengthened, and we get the best of us. Have you heard that it is in times of need where the best opportunities arise? It’s the same with God, in the moments of emptiness or spiritual drought is where God takes advantage and pours greatness in our hearts to move forward.

What you decide to do, right or wrong, doesn’t determine the relationship you carry with God, that relationship you have been creating with great effort and sacrifice, only He knows how hard it has been, depends on how much love you have put into it.

Do things right, not because you need to be good nor to be the best, nor because you need to do the right thing, so someone claps at you. Do things right because good and truth will make you free and within that freedom, you’ll be able to discover absoluteness in your life. Don't let your fears make you a slave to your passions. Let your love for God be a firm conviction every day that the best is yet to come.

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