Dance God's Music
Will you be able to follow the rhythm of the God when he invites you to dance with Him?

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In a world full of sounds: drums, trumpets, guitars, organs, rattles, etc., it seems like we don’t have a single silent second to think. Music goes through our ears penetrating our mind. This is how we "stick" to rhythms that are then manifested in the rhythmic movement of our fingers playing with the table, the foot on the floor of the classroom or the improvised "bongos" on any sound material.

Music is part of our life; we must recognize it. What's more, now with online music, YouTube and all the devices available to search for rhythms and melodies, we’re able to easily recognize which artist it belongs to. But are we able to listen to God's music?

Yes, you read it correctly: God's music. It's a dim music, not with many musical arrangements or extravagant sounds. It’s neither reggaeton nor a ballad, nor merengue or bachata, nor cumbia. God's music is a unique and unmatched style that resonates deep inside. This music has compasses; major and minor notes. Uses white, black and quavers. All of them in the most perfect melody ever heard by anyone who has been able to hear human or electronic compositions.

God's music conveys a genuine message. A message whose recipient is unique, because you're yourself. God sings in your ear; He sings only to you. You might ask, but why would he He sing?  He sings for you to dance. He sings the plan that He’s always thought for you because He wants to see you happy. Sings the melody of your life, titled with your name and signed with His fist and letter, and He wants you to follow this melody, to dance his music.

Dancing God's music is to follow his will. Some will ask for a faster pace, because they may be able to follow it. Others will rather ask for slower rhythms because of their weakness or lack of skills. Whatever rhythm God invites you to dance, dance it! Don't be afraid to follow his bars. Every note is perfectly thought out. Don't let go of Him so you don't lose your rhythm. See how easy it is to dance the music of God?

How do I know what rhythm God is asking me to follow?

You will always need help to discover it, but God already thought it and played it in his church to his priests and religious to help you listen. It’s enough to open your heart to God and to approach his instruments that will help you to know this sweet melody. I know that the image of "God’s Music" is usually a little bit "sweet," but when there’s love, the simplest things become the deepest. As in any master composition, His music is melodic, has harmony in low and high tones, is rich in sound movements... so also God’s music shows His will on a daily basis.

Are you willing to dance God´s music? Don't think about it so much and let yourself be carried away by His rhythm always, as we said, accompanied by someone who knows how to dance. May God bless you in this path that you undertake with him and make you see the wonders that are discovered following his footsteps. Life is beautiful, and it will be even more beautiful if you live it to the rhythm of God. Enjoy the dance!


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