Hacks to connect with God
Do you feel connected with God?

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Approaching prayer can be the last resort when life is going on easy. Maybe we talk to God when we have serious family problems, stress at work, financial struggles, or a sick relative about to die. Or, you may love that meditation podcasts and have your daily dose of audios full of positive and motivating phrases that encourage you to move forward during the day, but... do you feel connected with God?

Truth is I have read about prayer, I have gone to conferences with priests and heard lectures of religious on the subject and, what I perceive has given me better result is the practice. By dedicating time to pray I have learned to enjoy it and find benefits for my soul.

I then shall share some recommendations about my personal experience over the almost 10 years I've been working on praying more and better.

 Is a conversation

I know that you have heard this, saints and the songs of your church say that, but believe me that it’s true. This I understood when I began to spend 30 or 40 minutes in front of the Blessed Sacrament and what was going through my mind was not an specific prayer, a pre-formulated prayer or distractions of life but was that it was my time to share emotional dislikes before God; review the causes or motives of what was afflicting me and often finding answers to the things that moved my soul. It's like sitting in front of your best friend and having that experience by telling what you have inside, you find out more about yourself because you look through a pair of eyes that know you extremely well.


You need to be persistent.

Prayer is not something magical, super entertaining and not all times described as that song by Enrique Iglesias "almost a religious experience." Praying is something that requires practice, patience and above all, discipline. You reach a deeper connection with God every time you approach Him, so it's up to you and the number of visits you make, so you can start enjoying His company. So, I leave some tips from Father Sergio that can help you have a better disposal of the soul for moments of prayer.


Lean on spiritual Resources

Prayers like the Rosary, the Chaplet of Mercy, the Liturgy of the hours can be your first resource to get used to the inner silence. You can also pray by using a passage from the Bible, the mass readings of the day or some verse that you like very much because emotionally you connect with the character or the biblical story.And my last recommendation of this point: Try to find a book of a topic that interests you, for example I love issues related to marriage or family, so the books that usually I take when praying, help me understand better my female nature, my role as wife and mother, as well as to find tools to convey God's love through church activities. 

So, you choose what topic you are interested in to take with you to prayer, believe me that God gives great fruit of what you learn in his presence.


The church guides us in the process

I recommend that if you need a better understanding to your dialogue with God, read the fourth part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. These chapters helped me a lot to understand how we address God and see that through the centuries the people who belong to the church have understood the conversation with God in a similar way. 


Help if you're in Grace

We can all talk to God anywhere and at any time. And for doing it, you don’t need to have an appointment or depend on Wi-Fi connection. But from my personal experience I can share that when I haven’t gone to confess myself for months and I spend Sunday’s masses half distracted, for me it’s complicated talking to Jesus. 

Keeping the soul in a state of Grace (practicing the sacraments) has helped me greatly to improve the quality of my moments of prayer.


Seek to pray in front of the Eucharist

Finally, I recommend that if you are a beginner when it comes to prayer and in your parish, there’s a day or a few hours in which the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is announced for adoration, try to take a turn to be in front of Jesus.  The Tabernacle is the house of the Son of God, here on Earth and every time he comes out to be in front of his faithful, is the perfect opportunity to meet face-to -face with him. For me to pray in front of the Eucharist is an opportunity for the meeting to become a face-to-face dialogue, that transforms me by being in his presence.


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