Prayer for Young People
Young people are the hope of the world.

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Holy Father! We pray for the young,
Who are the hope of the world.                                                                                                       We don't ask you to take them out of corruption
But to keep them away.

Father! Don't let them get carried away
by petty ideologies.

To discover that the most important thing
It’s not to be more, to have more, to have more power,
But to serve others more.

Father! Show them the truth that frees,
That breaks the chains of injustice,
That makes men and creates saints.

In each one of them, a universal heart
That speaks the same language,
That doesn’t see the color of the skin,
But the love that’s inside each one.

A heart that every man calls brother,
And who believes in the city that doesn’t know borders,
Because his name is universe, friendship, love, God.
Holy Father! Take care of our young people.


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