Lord, are you really going to make it in time?

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There are terms that can only have specific semantics, without announces, in their own language. "Timing" is one of them.  The fact that God always arrives in time is something that many know, believe and what we put all our trust on. But a couple of months ago, several issues in my life collapsed and suddenly everything seemed to get out of place and control. 

The feeling of insecurity increased when I couldn’t see the solution to different situations. For a moment I thought: "Sir, are you really going to get there on time?" As if God were in another place in the universe, extremely busy, without paying attention to my needs. Of course, this imagination is absurd, and all I did was immediately giving up to the fearsome carnality of my thinking.

Yet, in the invisible realm of my emotions, still a subtle distress was stirred. The inner struggle is to believe that, instead of improving, everything will worsen, and we will live a loss. This happens in the earthly, material, human world, the only one that we can see or confirm with our senses. But In the spiritual dimension things are very different. Time, sometimes, is everything. When we meet at a difficult time and ask God for his help, trusting in his time is the challenge.

In the intimate life of our family, we have seen time after time delaying things.                             Not very often things go ahead smoothly and rapidly, especially not when we want something to happen soon. On the contrary, on several occasions, we have to wait patiently. It seems that God often works with our emotions and desires. After some time, in perspective, we have always been able to see that everything happened at the best time, and that any delay had a reason, it prevented a disaster or brought us something better.

It is difficult to tell each of these experiences, but today for example, I can tell you that time has delayed buying a house, has postponed a trip to Mexico, has cancelled several rent and sale contracts of sites where we had to inhabit temporarily, several financial resources have been postponed, the realization of concrete dreams has been delayed, in short, important issues that depend on the well-being of our family. But God's timing has been perfect. Personally, I am impressed by the exact way in which things happen when they have to happen, according to the Lord’s will.

Many events are inexplicable at certain times or stages, but it all makes sense after successfully passing the test of patience. There seems to be a direct correspondence between the patience and the correct timing. And there is also a correlation between impulsive decisions and disaster.

 One thing is certain: God does not work at the pace of our desires, much less hurries to fulfill our whims. But when we trust, He grants us the desires of our hearts (according to his word in Psalm 37:4), he has his own time to do so.Sometimes, what we interpret as a "no" from God is just an "after." 

As days go by, circumstances can be narrowed and tightened, but by resisting steadfastly we can trust that God will not forsake us or forget our provision, may it be emotional, physical or financial.

 In the Kingdom of God, all things are fulfilled in their time. God created everything in his time, he took his people Israel out of slavery in their time; He sent his prophets in his time; Became man in the person of Jesus when it was time; Christ ministered and died in the precise time; The church and Grace have a time of existence; And Jesus, the King, will return for the second time in his time.

Timing is what matters the most. In every situation of your life, if you put all your faith in God, he will always arrive in time.



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