What Youth Ministry?
Christ, the pastoral and the young.

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I want to propose, to everyone’s consideration of those who are interested in the evangelization of young people, the theme identification of youth pastoralism. What is the youth Ministry? How does it look like?

I recall the memory of my youth pastoral teacher, Don Riccardo Tonelli, OSB, rest in peace. One of the most recognized priests in the intellectual field of the Italian youth ministry. To him I owe the following reflections.

In the search for an identity we must begin by asking ourselves what it is, what is the essence of what we want to define as identity. Youth Ministry is, first of all, pastoral action. Pastoralism is defined, according to the general directory for Catechesis, as the actions that the Ecclesial community performs, under the action of the Holy Spirit, to serve the community of believers who are active part of the church.

Strictly speaking the pastoral is placed after the first announcement and Catechesis. It is all the attention of the Christians already incorporated to the church. Not of those who don’t yet know Christ, this would be the first announcement; Nor of those who already knowing initiate a path of incorporation into the church, this would be the time of catechumenate and Catechesis.

The adjective of this action is youth, which tells us the subject who receives this action or care in faith. Although it’s not easy to determine a certain age of the beginning of youth and its end, we can say that youth pastoral targets people between the ages of 17 and 35 years, approximately.

But we have only described the essential aspects of a concept. The question we have to ask now is how this concept is extract, how life is made in the Church.

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