With God Not everything is just a Click Away
3 tips to improve your relationship with Him.

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Our modern society (or post-modern if preferred) is characterized by its great acceleration. 

Among many of the causes that have favored this dynamism, without doubt, the new technologies have played and still play, a fundamental role since they have given way to among other things, a simplification and streamlining of a series of processes or mechanisms: manufacturing, communication, transaction, etc., which in return have allowed the birth of a globalizing and virtual economy that many, with enough reasons, see as the third (or fourth) industrial revolution.

This agile globalization without apparent limits, however, easily becomes a heavy and limiting joke, when its principles are extrapolated to other life dimensions that don’t correspond to the production structures.

Problems begin, in fact, when a pragmatic and utilitarian mentality also conquers our way of perceiving or contemplating the spiritual structures of reality. In these cases, almost without realizing, we begin to project the same expectations of efficiency, speed, control and neatness, on certain dimensions of life in which these categories are neither synonymous, nor measure, of success or progress. 

Here are some tips on which it is worth reflecting assessing our relationship with God:

1. Rethink the speed with which you expect to obtain God's favors

In the field of interpersonal relations, family education or spiritual life, to name just a few, the coordinates of technical thinking are shown clearly insufficient, distorting and hindering our perception of the mystery that envelops these realities. This is perhaps one of the reasons why so many people, very competent and successful in their workplace, fail miserably in the spiritual realm, what counts is not the quantity or speed, nor the immediate results, but the quality and depth of relationships.

With regard to our openness and cooperation with grace, for example, that is brewing in the privacy of the mysterious structures of our heart, they are rather, the gathering, the gratuitousness and the contemplation attitudes that accompany and dictate the success and the progress of the times of God. This is perhaps because it is so difficult for those who have riches, enter into the Kingdom of God (Lc18, 24).


2. My time is not the same time as God

A clear example is to pretend to have the power to solve and control these dimensions easily and quickly, as we do so many times through a new app that allows us to communicate, contact, pay, transfer, etc., all with a simple "click". Then we're on the wrong track. It’s not uncommon for well-intentioned people to seek out methods, exercises or strategies for their spiritual life (or for their apostolate) suffer own of this vice. They enter the Blessed Sacrament with a pile of books like those who seek to solve the problems in a few minutes and with their own forces. But with God the rules are others, even as many times inversely proportional to the rules of the market: here the difficulties, the mistakes, the sufferings and the long periods of time, are rather the condition, not to solve, but to be "solved" by the grace of God.

These limits, if they are well accepted, give us access to the great mystery of the Cross of Christ, that is to say, to the depth of his love. Then we grow, in truth, on a spiritual level and learn in humility which means that God is the owner of our lives (time and space).  


3. Let it be Him who washes our wounds

If we are fully aware that God is the captain of our ship, there can also be genuine relations with others, because no one gives what we don´t have. We can only love our neighbor as we love ourselves, and we can only love ourselves with depth if we, discover us needy, incapable, fragile, sinful and limited, we open ourselves repeatedly with patience, slowness and fatigue, to the Mercy of God.

That mercy that saves us forgiving, and forgive us by loving; That mercy that again and again washes and heals our wounds in an everlasting forge, allowing us to live what the master taught: "He has loved much, because much has been forgiven" (cf. Lc7,47).

 It is in these dimensions, spaces or structures of the Spirit where it´s played above all our happiness and the true transformation, revolution or progress of the world, because others are the measures where they are born, germinates and grows the small kingdom-at night, almost imperceptible, like a light breeze-the rest will be given to us in addition (cf. LC12,31).   

Ask God at this time to fill your heart with patience to wait from love and not from immediacy.



















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