God, sin and faith
It was a very high price that was paid for your sins and mine.

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We often believe or feel that God will not forgive our sins, because doing evil hurts us and also fills us with guilt. Guilt is a heavy gravestone to carry ... until we understand the meaning of the cross.


Human beings were created by God with an essential purpose: to be loved. If we understand the depth of this truth, we will know that both our heavenly Father and his Son, in communion with the Holy Spirit, have always wanted to love us so much (and, in fact, have already loved us), that they put together a plan to forgive us and redeem us In other words, to save us from the eternal punishment of hell.


To be able to love you have to forgive, that is, the one who loves forgives. No one will ever know what it hurt to die on that cross. How much it cost the Father to see his beloved Son die, whom he begot in the womb of the Virgin Mary with the divine power of the Holy Spirit. All three were on Calvary, all three faced the death of Jesus, the Savior. The three witnessed how life was going to Christ when his blood was shed.


It was a very high price that was paid for your sins and mine. So high that every human being can achieve forgiveness and salvation through faith in Christ. Believe me, all sin has been forgiven on the cross, and every disease has been healed, and every death has been defeated. Imagine: there are some doctors who claim that there are thirty-nine the main diseases from which all the others are detached (and thirty-nine were the lashes that Jesus received). An illness for each sore.


Listen to this: your sins, no matter how ugly they are or will have been, will never impress God as much as your faith. Yes, what God abhors most is sin, and can not live with it. But what God calls the most attention is that faith is born in the heart of a person. When you believe God, you have to believe that he has forgiven you, and that the enormous sacrifice he made on the cross is enough.


It's true, God is saddened by sin, and it also makes him very angry. In fact, his Word itself speaks of the wrath of God, but how about his boundless mercy? Jesus died for all sins and for all sinners. Without exception. They are those who believe in Him those who achieve salvation through repentance.


Do you think there is a sin that God does not know or has not seen? Of course not. Even the worst sins God has already seen them again and again. However, do not be confused: no one will go unpunished to his sin if he does not confess his guilt. We will all be judged and we will receive according to the good or evil we have done.


So for today, while He can still be found, if your faith can prevail over your guilt, then you will receive forgiveness, you will find peace in your soul and you will have the strength to face the future with greater holiness, while you forgive yourself what you already Jesus has forgiven you.

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