Help migrants remember their journey
Proclaim the Word to them and to walk with them.

Author: Devin Watkins | Source: Vatican News

Speaking to participants in the General Chapter of the Scalabrinians on Monday, Pope Francis calls on the missionaries to listen to migrants, to walk alongside them, and to share Jesus with them through the Word and the Eucharist.

In his prepared remarks, Pope Francis invited the Scalabrinian Missionaries to help migrants remember both the good and bad moments of their lives and to preach the Gospel to them by their closeness.

The Missionaries of Saint Charles Borromeo are holding their General Chapter in Rome on the theme: Encounter and Journey: “Jesus walked with them. (Lk 24:15)”. The Scalabrinians have sought to be “migrants with the migrants” for the last 25 years.


Pope Francis encouraged them in their mission to migrants and to “proclaim the Word to them and to walk with them.”


“Your mission is carried out in difficult contexts, often characterized by attitudes of suspicion and prejudice, if not outright rejection of the foreigner,” the Pope said. “This spurs you even more to a courageous and persevering apostolic enthusiasm, to bring Christ’s love to those who, far from their homeland and family, risk feeling far from God, too.”

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