Iluminators of souls
It’s enough with only some humble hearts

Author: Fr. Fernando Pascual L.C. | Source: Catholic.Net

In moments of darkness, confusion, doubts and deceits, we need light, honesty, courageous attitudes of love to the truth.

Those moments of darkness, the hate and guile of someone who, from the beginning, is the father of lies: the devil, come up (cf. John 8, 44)

Then, those who stay away from God and search a world totally “human” also accept and promote all the falseness around.

Lie comes to this world through universities, schools, literature, cinema, internet, press, politicians and also some religious phenomenon.

However, the truth can’t be prisoner and lies can’t hide it. Because it’s enough with only some humble hearts and courageous hearts to receive light and enlighten again to those who move closer to it.   

The world is starving of illuminators of souls. While powerful people are promoting errors and are persecuting to the lovers of the truth, the illuminators become stained glass of the Gospel (cf. John 1, 9)

We ask, confidently, God that gives us more illuminators of souls, more men and women who have found the truth and can share it generously and happily to others. 

Thanks to them, many people will open the eyes in order to defeat the devil deceits. In addition, they will accept the truest news of the human history: Jesus is the Son of the Father, sent to the world in order to save us from the sin and death…

Translation made by: Gustavo Mendez Alejandro

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