What do succesful children parents do?
12 things succesful children parents share.

Author: Lucía Legorreta de Cervantes | Source: Yoinfluyo

Succesful children

As parents, we want our children far form problems, so they can study and prepare to be responsable and good adults to society.


Although there are no recipes for this, psychology has studied the things that successful men and women have in common, and they have discvovered that many of these things have to do with their parents and the way they were educated


Today, I share with you the "12 things" that successful children parents have in common. Why not? Ask yourself which of these things you are doing or  whiche ones can you start doing:


1. Give them "homework"

If the child is not washing dishes at home, someone else is doing it for him, experts say.


Children who are involved in household chores, the most collaborative workers with their peers they become;  Thye’ll be more empathetic with others and more independent during their life.


Doing loundry, getting out the trash, washing dishes, making the bed, cleaning their room, and many other things can be made by all children without any problem.


2.  Teach  them social skills:

Help others, understand their feelings, learn to solve problems for themselves, among other skills I t will reduce the possibilities of them being arrested, falling into alcoholism or crime.


Research indicates that children with social skills developed by their parents from a young age are more likely to study a career and get a good job.


3. Expect a lot from them:

There are parent who believe in their children and those who are sure that they can achieve it. They encourage them to reach their goals, give them support and stay by their side.

4. Keep healthy relationships with them:

Children with conflictive families, whether parents are together or divorced, wheter there’s only mom or dad, tend to be more problemaic than those whose familiy relationships are harmonious. Constant conflict affects kids a lot.


5. Higher level of education:

Moms and dads who finished a career tend to encourage their children to achieve something more. For them, education is important and they transmit it to their families.


6. Teach them math at a young age:

Researchers have found in several countries that teaching math skills becomes a great advantage, since it has to do not only with numbers, but with reasoning and reading.


7. Develop close relationships:

Regardless of the socioeconomic level, parents who are affective and sensitive to their children in the first years of life, give them a "secure base" to explore the world safely.


8. Less stressed parents:

It’s been proven that moms and dads who are nervous, exhausted, frustrated or stressed cause great harm to their children.

A calm, happy and peaceful relationship will make integral development much healthier.


9. Value effort, don’t avoid failures:

Encourage children to make an effort for what they want to achieve in life, and very important: do not see failure as a sign of little intelligence or ability, but as a teaching of growth.


10. Working moms:

Science has proved that children with working moms are very succesful. The role model of a working woman invites chuldren to overcome themselves and work hard.


11. Excercise authority without being permissive or authoritarian:

Guide yourr children rationally, without falling into the extremes.


12. Teach them “life ideals”:

Transmit pride so they do things right, they’ll have ideals and goals that make them glimpse a future full of hope.


Which of these points are you doing already?

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