10 Times Pope Francis Reminded Us It’s Ok To Cry
The world wants us to believe that to cry is to show weakness and defeat.

Author: Becky Roach | Source: Catholic-link

God has gifted us with many ways to express the emotion that wells within our hearts. Our culture will often tell us to suppress those feelings especially when it comes to crying. The world wants us to believe that to cry is to show weakness and defeat.

However, the word of God affirms that crying is not only a necessary part of life, but also a healthy release of sorrow, pain, anger, frustration, happiness, and joy.  The words in John 11:35, “Jesus wept.” reveal to us that the Source of our strength and healing also cried.

Pope Francis is an advocate of releasing the cry of our heart through the gift of tears. Some have titled his teaching “The Theology of Tears” because he speaks of it so frequently.   His words offer comfort and remind us that crying is not for the weak.

10 Times Pope Francis Reminded Us It’s Ok To Cry

“ It would do us good to ask for the grace of tears for this world that does not recognize the path  of peace. Let us ask for the conversion of hearts.”

“Without weeping, heartfelt weeping, we can never unsderstand this mystery. It is the cry of the penitent, the cry of the brother and the sister who are looking upon so much human misery and looking on jesus, but kneeling and weeping and never alone, never alone”

“Certain realities of life are seen only with eyes that are cleansed by tears” Pope Francis

“How many tears are shed every second in our world; each is different but together they form, as it were, an ocean of desolation that cries out for mercy, compassion and consolation”

We need the mercy, the consolation that comes from the Lord.All of us need it. This is our poverty but also our grandeur: to plead for the consolation of God, who in hus tenderness comes to wipe the tears from our eyes.

If God could weep, then I  too can weep, in the knowledge that he understands me. The tears of Jesus serve as an antidote to my indifference before the suffering of my brothers and sisters. His tears teach me to make my own the pain of others, to share in the discouragement and sufferings of those experiencing painful situations.

In the moment of confusion, dismay and tears, Christ´s heart turned in prayer to the Father. Prayer is the true medicine for our suffering.

At the foot of every cross, the mother of jesus is always  there. With  her mantle, she wipes away our tears. With her outstretched hand, she helps us to rise up and she accompanies us along the path f hope.

"If you don´t learn how to cry, you can´t be good Christians. This is a challenge”

(in response to a question about why God allows suffering)

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