Nico Fernández
Argentinian singer-songwriter to sing WYD anthem in Panama

Author: Staff | Source: RomeReports

His name is Nico Férnandez, and he is one of the singers who will sing this hymn at the next World Youth Day in Panama in 2019.


He may even have the opportunity to do his song, “Be it done to me according to your word,” before Pope Francis.



Catholic singer

I am very happy because World Youth Day is a wonderful, beautiful meeting where thousands and thousands of young people gathering to meet the Lord.


Nico is very young, but has been in music for a long time. At 16, he started studying music and soon discovered that, with it, he could talk about God to others.



Catholic singer

“With music, what I always seek is to transmit the love of God, that unconditional love, that eternal love, that immense love that He has for each one of us.”


He released his first album, “I Will Sing Your Glory,” at 22. His second album was entitled “Wonderful.” His melodies and lyrics, based on his prayer experience, have done a lot of good.



Catholic singer

“One of the strongest testimonies is a friend who was about to take her own life, and then I do not know how, but by God's work and grace, she began to listen to the songs and the Lord saved her from what she was going to do.”

Nico has sung in many countries in Latin America and also had the honor of singing in Spanish the hymns of two other World Youth Days, the one in Rio de Janeiro in 2013 and the one in Krakow in 2016.

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