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What type of currency is your life?

Author: Eric Gilhooly | Source: LCBLOG

Quick!  Buy a cabin out in Wyoming; cut yourself off from the rest of civilization and start growing your own food.  The dollar and euro are failing fast and there’s not much time to make sure your family is set for the future.   In Europe countries are talking about going back to their own currency and leaving the Euro…


Currency problems have always troubled the world.  In fact, they have been around for millennia.  In the time of Christ, the Jews had to use money with Caesar’s face imprinted on it.  Yes, the Jews used different coins for the Temple (especially the Tyrian shekel, made out of purer silver than the Roman coins), but they still had Caesar’s image.  The Romans had conquered the Chosen People, so they were under the yoke of the Empire.

In those times, men made coins by heating the metal, then hammering it into molds that bore the nation’s insignia.  They minted coins with Caesar’s face on them to represent his authority.

Christ told the Pharisees, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”  What type of currency is your life?  Is Christ’s face pressed upon it?  Your life is a precious metal, a God-given gift, unmatched by the purest of silver and worth more than all the wealth of Rome.  Heaven only accepts one type of currency for entrance.  Whose face you stamp on your life, you choose.

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