One Step Closer
Are you Catholic, millennial, and wondering how to take the next step in your spiritual life?

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Are you Catholic, millennial, and wondering how to take the next step in your spiritual life?

If so, then you will love 'One Step Closer: 40 Doses of Motivation, Hacks, and Experiences to share with Millennial Catholics' by Br. Anthony Freeman, LC.

What's inside?

  • Motivational phrases that keep you inspired and connected with your life purpose
  • Thoughts to provoke questions on the way you look at your life purpose, relationships, rules, and the Gospel 
  • Why being a minimalist happiness seeker doesn't work
  • And much more...

'One Step Closer' is a handbook for Millennial Catholics full of practical advice and spiritual life hacks. The only thing one reviewer on Amazon doesn't like about it is that Br. Anthony "stopped at 40 doses" because he wants more!

Richy Orozco, whose Instagram account Catholic Connect has over 160,000 followers, says "Millennials crave quick and insightful reasoning; this is the perfect book to give them a head start on their journey towards holiness."

"'One Step Closer' made aspects of the faith understandable, relatable, and attainable for me as a young person and it can do the same for you," says millennial Samantha Yee.

In Br. Anthony's words, "If you feel like a baby in the spiritual life, but want to go somewhere, then this book is for you."

For the past year, Br. Anthony has been producing Catholic motivational material and sharing it on his @catholic_life_coach Instagram account. In the fall, he also launched a website ( to connect with Millennial Catholics and break down the spiritual life for them.

Br. Anthony is currently studying in Rome for the priesthood. He loves mango gelato, swimming, and football and gives Vatican Tours in his free time.

Why did he write a book specifically for Millenial Catholics? Br. Anthony points to the fact that he is one and "these phrases and reflections inspired me personally first of all. Secondly, I feel like we do a good job as a Church of telling people what they should do, but the fullness and beauty of the spiritual life isn't really presented to millennials. That's what I wanted to do, present the interior beauty of the faith and in a day-by-day inspirational way."

It seems that Br. Anthony's book has done just that.

Stina Constantine the founder of Virtue Ministry writes in the foreword of the book that "'One Step Closer' is a brilliant way to start afresh, or to boost your perseverance. It makes the overall goal of holiness more achievable, attainable, and even enjoyable."

'One Step Closer' is a series of 40 reflections, which makes it perfect as a companion for Lent. Get your personal copy of the book from Amazon TODAY, just in time for making your Lenten promises!

This is what other Amazon reviewers had to say:

"This is a great book for millennials who would like to grow in their faith, especially if they find holiness daunting or overly complicated. Each reflection is bite-sized and to the point-perfect for our times." Ryan

"This book is inspiring and exceedingly clever. The only thing I didn't like about it is that the author stopped at 40 doses; I need more! And you don't have to be a millennial to enjoy it. I'm what they call advanced middle age." C.J. Fair

"This book is a very practical one to help anyone, especially young adults and professionals, improve their daily mental and physical habits. I found it very useful to give to people that are looking for a personal growth and in their faith." Jorge

"An inspiring collection of tips and motivations to live the faith well and grow as a person. Especially helpful for young people.

Recommended!" Fr. Devin Roza

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