Family Life
A real time in Family.

Author: Fr Matthew P. Schneider, LC | Source: LCBLOG

Recently I was speaking to my dad and he mentioned that one of the best years was when we all did swim team. It wasn’t that he had great business success that year – he did well most years. It wasn’t that he got out of coaching soccer, basketball, or softball – all of which he coached. It wasn’t that he thought we were great swimmers – we’re decent. It was that we had dinner as a family EVERY night.

Everyday family life can easily be lost. We want to do so many other interesting things in our lives; yet this is where family life is really lived. Not just eating dinner together but taking a walk in the park together on a Sunday afternoon. It isn’t fancy but it builds what is really important.

In religious life I’ve noticed this too. We all want to do a thousand things, we find twenty excuses to skip night prayers or lunch with the community; yet this is where we build community. I’m impressed by those brothers who are always in community and always work to build up our Regnum Christi family. If each of us builds our family – natural, adoptive, or religious – this way we will begin to change the world.

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