Saint Hospitius of Cap-Saint-Hospice
May 21, Saint


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Short Biography:
Hermit at a place now named Cap-Saint-Hospice in his honour, living in the ruins of an old tower, wearing heavy iron chains, living off bread and dates and not even that during Lent. Foretold the invasion of Gaul by the Lombards. A Lombard patrol c.575, finding Hospitius loaded with chains and living in isolation, decided he was some type of criminal; Hospitius agreed that he was a terrible sinner, with a litany of offenses to his shame. Convinced he was a danger of some sort, one of the soldiers raised his sword to kill the old hermit; the soldier‘s sword arm became paralyzed, moving again only after Hospitius made the sign of the cross over it. The soldier was converted on the spot, and spent the rest of his life in service to God. Hospitius foretold the hour of his own death, spent his last hours in prayer, took off his chains, and passed on.


21 May 581
buried by his friend, Austadius, Bishop of Cimiez
relics distributed to the French towns of Lerins, Nice, Villefranche, La Turbie, and San-Sospi

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