Devasahayam (Lázaro) Pillai
January 14, Saint


23 April 1712 in Nattalam, Tamil Nadu, India

Short Biography:
Raised a high-caste Hindu. Knew Sanskrit, Tamil and Malayalam, and studied martial arts and archery. Married layman. Convert, baptized on 14 May 1745 in the diocese of Kottar, India, and taking the name Devasahayam, the Tamil equivalent of the meaning of the name Lazarus. He drew the ire and fell into confrontation with authorities because he mixed with lower castes. Arrested on 23 February 1749 for his faith, he was tortured and abused, and then for three years was hauled from village to village as an example of what would happen to Christian converts. He spent the time in prayer and teaching any who would listen, and priests would sneak him Communion in his cell. Martyr.


Shot by firing squad 14 January 1752 in Aralvaimozhi, Tamil Nadu, India.
Body thrown onto a rock pile and left for wild animals.
Remains recovered and buried in front of the altar of the Church of Saint Francis in Kottar, India.

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