Bl. Pio Campidelli
November 2, Saint


Also known as
    •    Pio of Saint Aloysius

    •    November 2
    •    November 3 (Passionists)

Fourth of six children of Joseph and Filomena Belpani. Known as a good student and an extremely pious child. Taught catechism to other children. Member of the Passionists, taking the name Pio, and making his vows on 30 April 1884. Noted for his piety and his devotion to the Eucharist and Mary. Was preparing for the priesthood when he died.

 April 29,  1868 in Trebbio di Possio Berni, Rimini, Italy as Luigi Campidello

Died on November 2, 1889 in San Vito di Romagna, Forlì, Italy of tuberculosis    He was buried in the churchyard in San Vito di Romagna and his relics were interred in the sanctuary of Our Lady of Casale in 1923.

    •     March 21,  1983 by Pope John Paul II (decree of heroic virtues)
    •     November 17, 1985 by Pope John Paul II

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