Free Sex?
This book will help to clarify doubts that young people sometimes have in our mind and are fed misconceptions we hear in society

Author: Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez | Source: The opciónV

Free sex is a book with own youth issues, from the fast romances to the intimate caresses, which gives scientists on how to find true love and timely data, strengthening your sexual dignity and taking practical decisions. This book will help much to clarify doubts that young people sometimes have in our mind and are fed misconceptions we hear in society. To me, it has particularly taught me enough to not get carried away by emotions, but by reason, to think before acting.

In most cases, information books are a little heavy for reading; however, Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez, makes it entertaining in his book accompanying it with a variety of drawings, examples and testimonies that you will understand and enjoy reading more. Even he shares with us a letter that his girlfriend (now wife) wrote to him when he proposed to live together without being married: she gave a great lesson from which we can learn.

After reading it I can tell you:

Do not hesitate to also read you! As well as it helps to know and learn everything that concerns our sexuality, presents values ​​that will make us good and bring us closer to the happiness we seek. Let us take these decisions, even if they seem simple and insignificant, can make a big change in our lives.

An example: How many times have we heard of relationships in which there is no commitment or interest in the welfare of the other person? They say "I love you" without even feeling it and with the sole purpose of "getting" each other for a moment; We idealize the person we want or think is the meaning of our life. We cannot pretend to have a stable and happy courtship where our body is the one that has fallen on the other. We must be clear that we are not only our physical but also our mind and spirit, which often neglect, allowing it to fill with impurities and superficialities. That's why the relationships in which reigns the body end up being a disappointment, because in them everything becomes ephemeral.

Another great lesson we find is this:

We should stop looking admiration for our body and start looking for the person who admire us what is in our hearts. The person to do so will we really valued, and to stay with us over the years: "The skin wrinkles, hair turns white, the days turn into years, but the important thing is not changes, your strength and conviction do. "


Furthermore, we have heard that in any loving relationship there are problems. However, an important lesson I've learned by reading this book is that no disappointments because in many cases, big fights, resentments offenses or den, mean it is "normal" or due to pass. On the contrary, the relationship with your partner to help them grow over time, to grow love, mutual support and respect. In a healthy relationship both have to always look good for the other person, they should be supported to be better every day and together achieve each of your goals.

It´s also important that each one feels free to be itself, while being two. Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez teaches us that there is no constructive engagement with jealousy, fear, threats or much less physical and psychological abuse; but trust, tolerance, understanding and, especially, love.

The previous friendship in a relationship is undoubtedly crucial, as a true friend can talk about different issues, from the funniest to the most serious and profound, without fear of being judged or criticized; there is a unique transparency; no fears, dissimulation or nerves. It´s impossible without first formed and strengthened a friendship with your partner may come to have a stable relationship. So we do not advance to live stages that do not correspond. Let us be patient! All that hard to get, hard leaves. It will be worth much, or rather, joy expect to live a true love.

I also learned that if we are very far from finding the right person with whom we share our lives, we must not frustrate much less think that will never come. We should not be in a hurry, because the quality is better than quantity. If we are with anyone who comes our way, we end up hurting our dignity, self-esteem and feelings. Why hurt wanting to give our love to someone who does not deserve it or that it is not for us? If your vocation is marriage, be sure that somewhere in the world that person exists and that at the right time, find it. Just leave your heart in God's hands and He will put in the hands of who deserves it.

Another great lesson of the author is this: we must never choose to try the "free" time out or think that, for the moment, there is nothing wrong with living it. The "free" is when two people decide to have physical contact, whether kissing, fondling or even having sex without commitment or, much less love. This is when we must ask if that works for us; if truth is what we want to live; if we believe it will find true love; if we are valuing, and respecting wanting. Make no mistake. As Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez says: "The sexual adventures have a price. They are hallmarks of intimacy that produce obligations and sometimes pay dearly "He also tells us the testimony of a young man who live the "free", experienced a huge and desperate loneliness:


"I know I am the envy of those who know me because they think my life is fantastic, totally free; but honestly I confess that I hate. I'm angry with myself, I feel crushed, disappointed, frustrated; guilt choking me; the desire to redeem myself made me pull my hair and screaming in front of the mirror: "Enough. What am I doing? I feel miserable. I cannot continue like this!"

This is one of the reasons why having a sexually "free" life can lead us to have a self-esteem and dignity shattered. Everything has consequences! The "frees", whatever their origins, have a high cost to us. Best fight, from now on, be faithful to our spouse (a) from before I met her so that when we finally marry with her we can say firmly: "I loved you since ever". And if you think that "it's too late for me," it is not too late to get up; be certain you can do it!

Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez also speaks about the stages in dating, as infatuation, where the previous friendship is strengthened; orgasm in women and men; masturbation and pornography; of homosexuality; STDs such as HPV and HIV; early pregnancy; etc. "Free sex" is, without doubt, a complete book. Spend a little time out of your day this will be worth much worth. It's definitely not one either, as there are summarized all the answers to the questions we always do us in our interior or perhaps should ask to begin to reflect on our lives.

Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez let get to you. You will not regret! I chose to do so; and now I am very grateful to him, because it has strengthened my decision to live chastity, loving with a pure love, is the only way to find true love and be really happy.

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