How to live chastely?
And how I live chastity in the practical, in everyday life? What specifically entail?

Author: P. Jürgen Daum | Source: Temas de Iglesia

Who makes the choice to live chastity because they understand that it´s best for him and the woman he loves, that's the way to grow and mature in genuine love, you are facing a big question: And how I live chastity in the practical, in everyday life? What specifically entail?

To live chastely, first thing is to want it firmly. With conviction and desire to find the proper motivation are essential for the acquisition of the virtue of chastity. In the same vein it´s important that you understand and you are convinced that it´s possible to live chastity. Who he says it's impossible, because it has not seriously attempted or because not even wants to try, not because he does not want or cannot, means that others cannot. In this trying to live the virtue of chastity that "love is power" is also applied.

Chastity certainly is not reached overnight, with just wanting it and decide. It requires struggle and perseverance in this struggle. Chastity is a virtue, and no one becomes a virtuous without effort, perseverance, sacrifice, training and patience. Do not ever be discouraged if you fail on the first attempt, the second or the third. The important thing is to keep always trying again and never give up, never stay with the ultimate experience of defeat.

Taking the decision and with the conviction that you can tap train. As in martial arts, you can only reach their perfect mastery through techniques with a teacher to teach you and the daily repetition of certain movements and exercises. Remember that as all it requires training, also in the domain of desires and sexual impulses through chastity own, repetition of virtuous acts and perseverance are essential.

Perseverance is to never give up. Persevere is to be a stubborn, if I fall, I turn to stand up and return to the battle! Nothing to remain lying on the ground after a fall! Persevere involves seeing the fall not as a failure, as the final defeat, but as an opportunity to learn, to be smarter on and not make the same mistakes. A fall does not make the end of the race. It's just that: a stumble along the way. Even if you miss, the Lord always provides a new opportunity! Only humbly asks you to accept your weakness, you learn from your falls and you return to the fight leaning on his strength.

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