The Wedding Lasts a Day, the Sacrament Your Whole Life!
Without a doubt, say yes to the vocation of marriage is one of the most important steps.


Our wedding day, that day where we say yes to our union of love before God and before men, is a moment transformer in our day of life. We can say that in any way the history of the human being divided into before and after marriage because it is that moment when we cease to be one being, a single person, to become a single being and three people. What are these three people? The husband and wife and God. This is the plan of God for marriage. God created man and woman for that by uniting in one flesh in mutual love and sealed and united in the love of God, our marriage is the reflection of the love of God in the land. In other words, we become the image of the Holy Trinity in this world.

Without a doubt, say yes to the vocation of marriage is one of the most important steps - if not the most important - that we in our life. The implications for the couple, the family that form, the society and the Church are enormous. Therefore, when we prepare our wedding, we need to be clear which means this truth. If you do not do this, we run the risk of thinking that the marriage, the sacrament, is reduced to the planning of the day of our wedding. Today there are many who spend more time, effort, attention and even stress to find the most beautiful church, the most beautiful dress, the place of reception more elaborate, the flower arrangements more colorful, food more elegant, the photographer better and more professional and endless things and expenditure to ensure that our wedding "be the best".


But there are few times in which couples think about the most important thing. Few we are couples who are focused on the time they will invest in a good marriage preparation, talking deeply about how we are going to carry our family life and spiritual, what are the values under which follow our life together and our children, how to practice and encourage our faith; in order, as we are going to make God the center and the rock on which we will built our marriage and family.


It is sad to see how many couples spend without measure and spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars planning your wedding, but recently that the Church to ask one or two days of preparation of marriage, when it has been shown that couples who live a good marital preparation drastically reduce the incidence of divorce and marriage enjoy more healthy and happy. It is impressive to see how many couples join simply by passion, not to feel that they are without a partner (as their friends), to fill the void of loneliness or for having to serve them, without having a clear concept of what really is the marriage, according to the plan of God, or of what the conjugal love true and mature involves: a total love, free, faithful and fruitful.


We note with frequency that when couples begin to live the reality of daily life, when faced with the process of adaptation of two lives with different pasts and overtones, when they realize that The conjugal love requires sacrifices and is not only enjoy company and benefits, when they realize that the mature love involves not selfishly seek the good of their own but the good of the beloved, many end up splitting and even divorce, thus reducing the Sacrament to little more than an experiment to find a happiness that is vain and temporarily. Let us try during the time of our bridal commitment, focus on what really matters. We seek to understand the true meaning and commitment of this union, commit ourselves to this wonderful vocation in life that is the marriage, created and designed by God for the happiness of the spouses and the continuation of human life. Let us remember that the marriage lasts a day, but the marriage, you life!

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