The Success and what it comes with it
In the spiritual life, spiritual warfare is useful to distinguish success and what it comes with it.

Author: Rafael Ismodes Cascón | Source: CEC

The word "success" comes from the Latin "exitus" which means "exit". You may have seen outside a cinema or a theater the word "exit”, which means the same. In Latin means something is over, it has reached the end of something. When used that word in Castilian is understood as a good result for something, for example, he did the test successfully, he approved. Or talking about a successful entrepreneur: he did well in their business and had the expected result, or better, even than expected.

Can we talk in the spiritual life of success? For example, if I overcome a flaw, or if I stop sinning am I successful? In a sense if we could use that term. But there is an emphasis on the word "success" that should be revised: Think of it, just as the result of my effort, my intelligence, and my ability to achieve something. Accompanying success is willpower, entrepreneurial capacity, not surrender to the obstacles, and being consistent. All these good and holy attitudes, but I think this doesn’t reach a queue of what the Christian's mission and task in life is.

Consider the phrase what comes with it means the fruit of success: we all know what the result is. It comes from the Latin “fructus”, which in turn derives from “frui” (which is something to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy even). This is what occurred after our effort, but that has not only intervened own will, but also other factors that one can´t stand. The fruit of a tree, for example, has not only relied on as a farmer I care for him, but also that climatic factors, birds or insects have not eaten and many other items. The fruit is also a result, but knowing that has not only been for my skill, ability or willingness, but because others intervened.

In my spiritual life, spiritual combat sometimes seems that execution is not "successful”. And surely it´s. The author of all good is God, and He knows when to give us the virtues and gifts we need for our life and apostolate. If we believe that our life has to be "successful" we are not understanding the relationship between God and man. On the other hand, in a life apparently with little success I can be loaded with the fruits. Maybe I was not all good in the role that I had to play in the responsibility I had in life, in the commitment I made. But my life doesn´t end there. On the contrary, I must be clever enough to discover what are the fruits which God has wanted to show with love in those moments of apparent failure, disappointment, sin or frailty are.

The fruits in the spiritual life are understood from the perspective of God. And the first fruit that gives us is life. The second, as a great blessing, Christian life. And from there all those hanging from the tree of our life and we must learn to discover with the eyes of faith. In a spirituality of everyday life they are numerous and fruits are at hand. What we must educate is the vision of faith at all times and circumstances to allow us discover the fruits of grace in others and in our own lives.

Recall, as stated above, that the result is associated with “enjoyment “. The Christian who learns to see the fruits in your life enjoys them. And consequently, it´s filled with joy to see God's work in your life. Perceiving that we have some of that experience of God to create everything and see that “was very good" and therefore "rested". The joy that the Christian experience of seeing the fruit or fruits with which God has blessed resembles God resting, watching the good of creation and enjoying it. This isn´t done out of reality but on the contrary, who looks like reality is able to face the worst evils, knowing that his own sin is able to grab the divine fruit with that baptism has adorned the soul itself and the other Christians. The ones who can see the fruits of God knows see sin and fight with greater firmness and realism who, believing be more realistic, it´s only seeing sin or evil of life.

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