But I didn´t do anything wrong. What about the testimony?
The silence before the destruction of the values that God has placed in man is guilty omission, is complicity

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Some people feel like sinners, other ones, like Pope Francis says, feel “fair”, and as he adds, both seek the Father. And why the righteous? Because those seen as clean of all guilt, always have some, we are all sinners! What´s happening? Let's see. Indeed, we all are sinners.

Indeed, there are many good people who always try to avoid evil, and thus fulfill the divine law. They don´t do the forbidden and try to do what is commanded us, to love God, love your neighbor, honor your father and mother. They adhere to the Ten Commandments, but something is missing, which is also divine order.

Missing the omissions, that are due but not made. It´s so easy to do something wrong, sometimes weakness of character is simple to carry out, afraid to make mistakes, "what people say" and so on.

Omissions of doing are also sins. Suffice it to recall the divine judgment that provides for the Gospel, those who saw Christ in need: they saw hunger, thirst, naked, abandoned, unprotected... and did nothing for him, they went their way on their own comfort.

But there's more. There are those who don´t teach the ignorant knowing what they know. Don´t give advice to anyone who needs it (but do not know who needs it) nor reprove the wrong as Scripture asks us. It´s so easy to think "that it’s their issue", that they will see God.

And yet the parents, and even others, think it´s right to educate the child for life, reproach him when done wrong, and teach good manners. But when it comes to adults, they no longer dare, especially if you don´t feel like "theirs" and fear to anger them.

And let’s go even further; the testimony of the word. In the world, around us, very serious things happen against the teachings and commandments of the Lord, and the vast majority remains silent. The crime of infanticide by abortion is promoted, it destroys the family, the concept of marriage is distorted, openly promote homosexuality, to pedophilia, and the vast majority complain in private, but does nothing to give voice and defend the right meaning of life.

The silence before the destruction of the values ​​that God has placed in man is guilty omission, is complicity. Yes, silence is complicity! And so they say both the Holy Fathers as people of good will. The popular saying "silence gives consent" applies.

It attacks the Church, abortion promotion, and many remain silent, even in group conversations, and private. Better not hurt our friendship, they think, but not as conviction but as an excuse to themselves.

Damages of human rights are given to terrible levels in the world, and most stay silent. They persecute, torture, and murder people cruelly by the mere fact of being Christians and not renounce their faith... and this remains silent. And ask God to do something, but they do nothing.

Fortunately there are people who through the Internet or the press of all kinds, call for the protest against the violation of these human rights, and put pressure on leaders and governments, and render good accounts. Others use the parliamentary tribunes, but most people don´t care. They not even pray for what we do dare.

Before the outburst of the few that stand for evil causes, most are silent, the former President Nixon called “the silent majority “. Like other leaders, religious or not, haven´t said, including Martin Luther King, that what concerned him was the silence of many.

There are those who take risks to denounce evil and promote good, as those who pray against abortions, or protest in the streets without violating the laws. The truth is that every time it´s easier to jointly raise the voice for good causes, defending the faith and all human values, but this isn´t done.

Jesus gave the Church the mandate to go and preach to all nations. For a personal level, as part of their church, we must fulfill in our environment or the means now at our disposal. Remaining silent is the antithesis of preaching. We must defend life before the widespread murder in the nation itself and in various parts of the world, demand respect for life, preaching: NO to abortion, as a good example.

So you have to take off the mask of "fair" and recognize both what´s good, what´s evil avoided and what´s being in testimony has been left undone. So no surprises when paying final accounts to the Lord at the time of death. And will be worth no excuses, there will be no time. Better get to that judgment with good accounts, due testimony, having raised his voice. Is it so important? Yes it is.

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