Rights and Violence
It would never be right to fall into violence

Author: Fernando Pascual | Source:

There are rights that are fundamental for coexistence. It´s an indispensable duty to defend them. But it never is right to resort to violence on innocent under the banner of promoting such rights.

This seems obvious. However, in wildcat strikes, to gratuitous violence in demonstrations that claim to promote justice, we see how in the name of some rights goes against other rights.

A fair State cannot tolerate any violence against innocents. Therefore, is necessary to concrete actions of the police and judges against violent picketing against those who attack workers, who have the right to not support a strike against those who destroy cars or windows of innocent people.

Society has to stand up to many violent actions which benefit and “justify” the right to strike, demonstration, and protest. Never a good cause should give "rights" to trample physical health or property of others.

This causes rage, and confirms the impunity of certain aggressive groups, often protected by political parties, social movements, trade unions or journalists, who do nothing to prevent the violence of such groups.

In addition, if a union or an association want to promote justice and rights, must firmly counter any aggressive behavior, even committed by some of its members or supporters.

The best way to overcome many evils of our time is the defense of the weak and the marginalized in ways that respect the coexistence of all.

Only then legitimate protests promoters will be able to defend the rights of the most vulnerable groups while public peace and property of all those men and women who live in the same city and under the same fundamental rights .


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