The Christian Conversion
Conversion comes from intelligence brighten by the grace, which takes the decision to fulfill God´s will and His commandments, and especially about love.

Author: Pedro Trevijano | Source: Pedro Trevijano

The real conversion, just like Jesus told us, is given when the man doesn´t trust himself, nor want to achieve salvation by its own means, instead the man trusts a God who wants to forgive us.

The first thing in a conversion is taking self-consciousness of God´s sanctity, which we´re destined to be in a relationship as our condition of members of His holly village, compromised by our sins. This self-consciousness can be done in different ways: the prodigy son that comes from the lowest helplessness and humiliation. Sometimes it would be the prophetic word, from a spokesman of God that will help with the self-consciousness. Then conversion will be what I mentioned before.

Even though that the Synoptic referred to the first conversion, it can apply to every conversion. It talks about the thin door and the tares that grow on the field, and we don´t have the impression the New Testament said that the Christian lives, besides his sins, away from the Lord. Being Christian is to have an aspiration to sanctity, as an ideal, knowing that God loves us more than we can imagine.

For Jesus the conversion comes with a change in the heart, and it´s interior, and sometimes it can have external expressions. It´s based on the goodness of God, and the desire to have that supernatural love from the Holy Trinity. Jesus invites to conversion not only publicans and prostitutes, but also Pharisees, and rich people observing the Law. Jesus wants that every men, good or offender, to convert.

This conversion is a task that needs grace, the conversion it´s done with faith that answers to God´s call, without forgetting that God acts in every step the man hives toward Him. Conversion is amongst all a “yes” to Jesus, acknowledging divine filiation, the road to find God are, as Cardinal Ratzinger said, as many as people, and the Church and Sacraments are privileged places to find Him.

Conversion is part of the Christian life, even though we´re sinners, we have the grace that leads us to the Father, it´s also sensing the communion with Christ to do His will, purifying our sins to fulfill our commitment to God´s service. Conversion is leaving behind our isolation and participating in Church life.

Because of all already mentioned, conversion and penitence are a reason of joy, we have found a reason to give it all. For Jesus the joy is part of the conversion, and speaks in this sense in wedding banquets, and dresses, and the happiness in Heaven when a sinner converts. The relationship between penitence, conversion, faith and joy is logic, if we remember that the gospel is good news of hope and salvation.

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