St. Caradoc of Wales
April 13, Saint


Born to a wealthy family, Caradoc spent part of his youth as a harp player in the court of King Rhys ap Twedwr of South Wales. He fell out of royal favour when he lost one of the king‘s greyhounds. Deciding to start a new life, Caradoc broke the tip of his spear to turn it into a walking stick, and left the court to become a monk at Saint Teilo church. Longing for a quieter life, he became a hermit in the ruins of Saint Kyned church in Gower where he was known to befriend wild animals. Ordained in Menevia, Wales. With several companions he set up a hermitage on Barry Island off the coast of Wales. After surviving Viking raiders, the hermits were driven from the island by King Henry I of England. Caradoc spent the rest of his days as a prayerful hermit in a cell in modern Haroldston, Pembrokeshire. Church Lawrenny in Pembrokeshire is dedicated to him.

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