Bl. Anacleto Gonzalez Flores
April 1, Blessed


Second of twelve children born to Valentín González Sanitiz and Maria Flores Navaho. He entered seminary, was an excellent student, but realized that he did not have a call to the priesthood and dropped out. Lawyer in the archdiocese of Guadalajara, Mexico. Married to María Concepción Guerrero, they had two children. He attended Mass daily, visited prisoners, and taught catechism. Leader in the Catholic Association of Mexican Youth (AJCM). Founded the magazine La Palabra to speak out against the anti–Catholic actions of the government. Founded the Popular Union to organize peaceful opposition to the Calle government’s anti–Catholic actions. When official oppression escalated to murder, Anacleto began writing and speaking out against the government, urging people to support and aid the rebels in what became known as the Cristero War. Looking for a way to crack down on the Catholic leadership, officials arrested Anacleto on a false charge of murdering an American, Edgar Wilkens. Gonzales was tortured, mutilated and finally executed. Martyr.

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