St. Victor I
July 28, Pope


    •    28 July

The son of a man named Felix, but little else is known of his early life. 14th pope, reigning during a period of lull in the persecutions of the Church. The first pope from the city of Rome, he began the rise of Latin influence in the Church, the reduction of Greek and Eastern influences.

Decreed that in emergency any kind of water could be used for Baptism. Struggled with bishops of Asia and Africa, insisting that Easter should be celebrated according to the Roman rite, not the Jewish one; at one point he excommunicated all the opposing bishops. Condemned the heresy of Theodotus the Leather-seller who attracted followers in Rome, Italy by preaching that Jesus was a normal man imbued with supernatural powers by Baptism. Saint Jerome refers to Victor as the first Christian author to write about theology in Latin, but only the letters concerning Easter have survived.

    •    in Africa, exact location not recorded

Papal Ascension
    •    189

    •    martyred 198–199

    •    Pre-Congregation

    •    Calcio, Italy

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