St. Kinga
July 24, Princess of Polonia


    Also known as
    •    Cunegunda
    •    Cunegunde
    •    Cunegundes
    •    Kioga
    •    Kunegunda
    •    Kunigunda
    •    Kunigunde
    •    Zinga

    •    24 July

    • Daughter of King Béla IV of Hungary and Maria Laskarina; sister of Saint Margaret of Hungary and Blessed Jolenta of Poland; niece of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary; great-niece of Saint Hedwig of Andechs. Reluctant member of Polish royalty when she married Prince Boleslaus V, but it was a political marriage, and the pious couple lived as brother and sister; when Boleslaus became Prince of Cracow, became a princess of Poland. Noted for her charity to the poor and personal care for lepers. Founded a Poor Clare convent in Stary Sacz, Poland. Widowed in 1279, she gave away her wealth and retired to the convent as a prayerful Franciscan tertiary, turning her back completely on governance and worldly life.

    •    1224 in Buda, Hungary

    •    24 July 1292 in the convent at Stary Sacz, Malopolskie, Poland of natural causes

    •    11 June 1690 by Pope Alexander VIII (cultus confirmation)
    •    3 July 1998 by Pope John Paul II (decree of heroic virtues after the Cause was re-opened)

    •    16 June 1999 by Pope John Paul II

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