St. Paulinus of Nola
June 22, Bishop of Nola


    Also known as
    •    Meropius Pontius Anicius Paulinus
    •    22 June
    •    Friend of Saint Augustine of Hippo and Saint Nicetas of Remesiana, and mentioned for his holiness by at least six of his contemporary saints.

    •    Distinguished lawyer. Held several public offices in the Empire, then retired from public ministry with his wife, Therasia, first to Bordeaux, France where they were baptized, and then to Therasia’s estate in Spain. After the death of their only son at the age of only a few weeks, the couple decided to spend the rest of their lives devoted to God. They gave away most of their estates and dedicated themselves to increasing their holiness.

    •    Paulinus was ordained, then he and Therasia moved to Nola, Italy, gave away the rest of their property, and dedicated themselves to helping the poor. Paulinus was chosen bishop of Nola by popular demand, and he governed the diocese for more than 21 years while living in his own home as a monk and continuing to aid the poor. His writings contain one of the earliest examples of a Christian wedding song.
    •    c.354 at Burdigala, Gaul (modern Bordeaux, France)
    •    22 June 431 of natural causes
    •    Pre-Congregation
    •    bishop giving alms to the poor
    •    bishop holding chains
    •    bishop holding manacles

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