Sadoc of Sandomierz
June 2, martyr


Also known as
    • Sadoch
    • Zadoc
    • Zadok
    • 2 June
-Studied at the University of Bologna, Italy. Dominican friar, receiving the habit from Saint Dominic de Guzman himself. At the General Chapter the Dominicans in Bologna in 1221, Sadoc was chosen to assist Master Paul of Hungary to establish a province in Hungary. Sadoc later moved on to Poland where he served as preacher for nearly forty years. In 1260 he and 48 Dominicans from Sandomierz were martyred by the Tartars as they were singing the Salve Regina at Compline; the custom of singing the Salve Regina at the deathbed of Dominicans stems from this incident. One of the Martyrs of Sandomierz.
    • 1260 at Sandomierz, Poland
    • 18 October 1807 by Pope Pius VII (cultus confirmation)

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