St. Alexander of Alexandrian
February 26, Saint


Roman Martyrology: The commemoration of Saint Alexander, bishop, who as a famous old man, on fire with zeal for the faith, was made bishop of the Church of Alexandria after Saint Peter. He expelled from communion with the Church his priest, Arius, who was depraved by heretical impiety and weak in divine truth. Soon afterwards, he was one of the three hundred and eighteen Fathers who condemned Arius in the First Council of Nicaea.


Born the 3rd century in northern Egypt. Known as a pious youth. Bishop of Alexandria, Egypt in 313. Worked against Arianism, and excommunicated Arius when he preached in the area around Alexandria. Key figure in the Council of Nicaea in 325. Patriarch of Alexandria. Doctor of the Church.

Died on February 326 at Alexandria, Egypt.


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