St. Auxentius of Bithinia
February 14, Saint


Roman Martyrology: On Mount Scopas in Bithinia, Saint Auxentius, a priest and archimandrite, who from a prominent place, as if seated in a bishop’s chair, defended the Faith of Chalcedon with his full voice.


Born at Syria.  Career soldier and equestrian guard of Emperor Theodosius the Younger, he was known to preach to his fellow guards. He eventually left the service to become a hermit on Mount Oxia near Constantinople. Accused and cleared of Eutychianistic heresy. Archimandrite in Bithynia.

Active in the Council of Chalcedon. Hermit on Mount Sinope (Skopas) near Chalcedon. Many were attracted to his austerity, holiness, counsel, and teaching; a community of nuns formed at Trichinarion near his mountain.

Died on  February 14, 473 at Mount Skopas of natural causes.

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