Bl. Christina of Spoleto
February 13, Blessed


 Augustinian tertiary

Beatification date: 1834 by Pope Gregory XVI (cultus confirmed)

Born in 1435 at Lake Lugano, Italy as Agostina Camozzi. Daughter of a physician. Married to a stone cutter, but widowed very young. She became mistress to a soldier, and bore his son, but the child died as an infant. Married a second time, she was widowed when the man was killed in a fight with a jealous rival. Realizing that her life was completely out of control, she had a conversion, became an Augustinian tertiary, took the name Christina, gave herself over to Christ, and imposed severe austerities on herself as penance for her earlier ways. Lived in a number of Augustinian convents, became known as a miracle worker, and was on a pilgrimage to the Holy Sepulchre when she died.

She died on February 13, 1458 in Spoleto, Italy of natural causes.  Buried at the Augustinian church of Saint Nicholas in Spoleto and re-interred at the church of Saint Gregory the Great in Spoleto.


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