Bl. Clare Agolanti of Rimini
February 10, Blessed


Franciscan tertiary

Roman Martyrology:  In Rimini, in Romagna, Clara a widow, who, through penance, mortification and fasting atoned dissolute life she had led before and after gathering a group of companions in a monastery, served God with humility of spirit (between 1324 and 1329) .

Etymology: Feminine form of Latin, meaning "clear, bright, famous".

Beatification date:  December 22, 1784 by Pope Pius VI (cultus confirmed).


Born on 1282 at Rimini, Italy to the nobility. Married twice, she spent most of her time in dissolute, sinful pleasures. When her father and brother were executed in civil disturbances, Clare changed her life completely.

She became a Franciscan tertiary and founded a convent, though she never became a nun. In an attempt to make up for her earlier life, she practiced penances that were considered extreme even by 14th century standards.

She died on February 10, 1344 at Rimini, Italy of natural causes. Interred at the convent she founded.


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