St. Maro
February 9, Saint


Roman Martyrology:  On a mountain near Apamea in Syria, St. Maro, hermit, died after a life of harsh penance and intense piety , based on his grave a famous monastery, around which the nation that bears his name.


Born on 350 in Syria. Hermit who lived near the Orontes River at Cyrrhus, generally in the open with no shelter. When he found a pagan temple, he dedicated it to God and made it his oratory. Ordained in 405. Spent his nights standing in prayer. Had the gift of healing, both physical ills and of vices. Founded monasteries and trained monks in Syria.

Friend of and greatly revered by Saint John Chrysostom. The Maronite Christians take their name from the saint.

He died on 433 of natural causes. Buried between Apamea and Emesa, where a monastery grew up around his tomb.


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