St. Claudine Thevenet
February 3, Saint


Founder of The Religious Congregation of Jesus and Mary (Sisters of Jesus-Marie)

Roman martyrology: In Lyon, in France, St. Claudine Thevenet, virgin, who, moved by charity and striving spirit, founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus and Mary, for the spiritual formation of young people, especially lowly ( 1837 )

Canonization date:  March 21, 1993 by Pope John Paul II

Short Biography

Born on March 30, 1774 at Lyon, France as Claudine Thevenet. Raised in a pious family. Two of her brothers were murdered in the excesses of the French Revolution; they went to their deaths forgiving their killers and asking Claudine to do the same.

 Claudine worked with working class young women around Lyon, France. In 1816, with Father André Coindre, she formed a group that would become the Religious of Jesus and Mary (Sisters of Jesus-Marie) at Lyon in 1818, a teaching order dedicated to educating poor girls. Taking the name Mary of Saint Ignatius, she served as superior of the Sisters. The Order received papal approval from Pope Blessed Pius IX on  December 31, 1847, and today runs boarding schools, colleges, and retreat houses in Europe, India and North America.

She died on February 3, 1837 at Lyon, France of natural causes.

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