St. Tryphon of Lampsacus
February 1, Saint


Roman Martyrology: At Phrygia, commemoration of St. Tryphon, Martyr.


Born  on c.222 at Kampsade, Phrygia (in modern Turkey).  Raised in a Christian family, his father died when the boy was very young, He was raised by his mother Eukaria, and he worked as a goose-herd in his youth.

Had a gift of healing both human and animals. Healed the demonic possession of the daughter of Emperor Gordian III; the demon appeared in the form of a black dog before being forced to admit his deeds and then vanishing. Tryphon’s prayers turned away a swarm of locusts that threatened his village’s grain harvest.

 A persuasive speaker and catechist, he brought many to the faith, including pagan imperial officials. Arrested, tortured and martyred in the persecutions of Decius.

He was beheaded c.251 in Nicaea, Bithynia, Asia Minor (modern Iznik, Turkey).

He is patron against evil spirits and insects.


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