St. Francis Xavier Maria Bianchi

January 31, Saint.


Roman martyrology:  In Naples, a city of Campania, in Italy, St. Francis Xavier Maria Bianchi, priest of the Theatines of San Pablo (Barnabites), which, endowed with mystical gifts, converted many to a life according to the grace of the Gospel. (1815).

Canonization date:  October 21, 1951 by Pope Pius XII.


He was born December 2, 1743 in Arpino, Frosinone, Italy. He studied in Naples, Italy. Joined the Barnabite at age 14 over the objections of his family. Ordained in 1767.

Served as the president of two colleges. Noted for his endless ministry to the poor and neglected, his work to prevent girls from turning to prostitution, for his personal austerities, his gift of prophecy, and as a miracle worker.

Reported to have stopped the flow of lava from Mount Vesuvius in 1805. His health destroyed by overwork, late in life he lost the use of his legs, but continued to work with those whom he felt were worse off than himself. When the Barnabites were expelled from Naples, his health was so poor that he had to be left behind, and he died separated from his brothers.

He died on January 31, 1815 in Naples, Italy of natural causes.



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