St. Julian of Le Mans
January 27, Saint


Roman martyrology:  In Le Mans, now France, St. Julian, who is regarded as the first bishop of this city (s . III ).

Etymology: From the Greek meaning "downy-bearded".


Born to the Roman nobility. First bishop of Le Mans, France. Evangelized around Le Mans, an area under the influence of the old Roman pantheon and the Druids.

When he felt he was growing too old to effectively discharge his office, he retired to live as a hermit at Sarthe. Many extravagant miracles were attributed to him by writers long after his death. Due to the Norman invasions, his name was carried to several parishes in England.

He died on the 3rd century at Sarthe, Gaul (modern Sant-Marceaux, France) of natural causes. His relics were translated to the cathedral of Notre-Dame-du-Pré at Le Mans, France in 125.


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