St. Ananias of Damascus
January 25, Saint


Roman martyrology: At Damascus, the birthday of St. Ananias, who baptized that Apostle. After he had preached the Gospel at Damascus, Eleutheropolis, and elsewhere, he was scourged under the judge Licinius, had his flesh torn, and lastly being overwhelmed with stones, and ended in his martyrdom.


A Christian in Damascus, Syria, Ananias received a vision of Jesus in which he was ordered to find Saul (aka Paul the Apostle). Ananias found Saul, blind and staggering into the city after his encounter with Christ on the road. He cured Saul of the blindness, baptized him into the faith, supported him while he prepared, and helped him begin his missionary work. Ananias evangelized in Damascus, then went on his own mission to Eleutheropolis. Martyr.

He died on the 1st century in Eleutheropolis, a now-ruined village in Palestine.


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