Valerius of Saragossa
January 22, martyr and bishop.

January 22, Saint.


Roman martyrology:  Commemoration of St. Valerius, bishop of Zaragoza in Hispania Tarraconensis (now Spain) who took part in the first Council of Illiberis and led to Valencia along with St. Vincent , died in exile.

Etymology: Derived from Latin valere "to be strong".


Born at at Heusca, Aragon (in modern Spain). Friend of Saint Valerius of Saragossa in Spain, and served as his deacon. Imprisoned and tortured in Valencia, Spain for his faith during the persecutions of Diocletian; part of his time was spent being burned on a gridiron. While in prison, he converted his jailer. Was finally offered release if he would give up the scripture texts for burning, but he refused. Martyr. Acts written by the poet Prudentius.

He died 304 at Valencia, Spain.  He is patron of vinedressers.

“Everlasting God, to whom all hidden things are revealed, who sent into the world Thine Only Begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, conceived through the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, that He might take on Him the punishment of our sins, and by His resurrection snatch us from the gates of hell, grant to our hearts such steadfastness of faith that confessing Christ, Thy Son, we may not perish but may be joined to Him in the confession of Thy Holy Name. Amen.”  - Saint Vincent.

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