Bl. Fazzio of Cremona
January 18, Blessed


Roman martyrology: In the city of Cremona in Lombardy, Blessed Fazzio, who left his hometown in Verona and moved to this place, leading a penitential life and dedicated to helping pilgrims and the sick (1272).

Beatification date: 1873 by Pope Pius IX.


Born 1190 in Verona, Italy. An accomplished goldsmith in Verona, Italy, his business opponents developed a vicious hatred for him. He moved to Cremona, Italy, where he worked and gave away his earnings to the poor.

Pilgrim to Compostela, Spain, and Rome. Returning to his native Verona, he was falsely accused by old opponents, arrested, tried and acquitted; he immediately returned to Cremona. Founded the Order of the Holy Spirit at Cremona, an Order charged with the care of pilgrims and the sick.

He died on 1272 of natural causes.


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