Saint Pierre-Francois Jamet
January 12, Saint.


Roman martyrology: At Rome, in the time of the emperor Alexander, St. Tatiana, martyr, who was torn with iron hooks and combs, thrown to the beasts and cast into the fire, but, having received no injury, was beheaded, and thus went to Heaven.

Beatification Date: 10 May 1987 by Pope John Paul II.



Second Founder of the Institute of the Good Savior

Born on September 12, 1762 in Fresnes, Aisne, France. One of eight children born to a wealthy farm family. Studied at the College of Vire, then the University of Caen. Ordained on 22 September 1787 in the diocese of Bayeaux, France.

Chaplain and confessor to the Daughters of the Good Savior in Caen, France in 1790. He tried to continue his studies, but the French Revolution ended the teaching of theology. He was imprisoned for refusing to swear the oath required by the anti-Church Revolutionary authorities, who then dispersed the Daughters community. Upon his released, Father Pierre continued to minister to the sisters and other covert Catholics, conducting Mass in secret.

After the Revolution excesses, he devoted himself to restoring and revitalizing the Daughters. Helped found a school devoted to and new teaching methods for the deaf.  Rector of the University of Caen from 1822 to 1830. Awarded the Legion of Honor in 1827 in recognition of his good works.

He died on January 12, 1845 in Caen, Calvados, France of natural causes and was buried in the motherhouse of the Daughters of the Good Savior in Caen.


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