Saint Antony Mary Pucci
January 12, Saint.


Roman martyrology: St Rievaulx (Yorkshire), son of a priest, educated at Durham and in the household of King David of Scotland. In 1134 he visited the newly founded Cistercian abbey of Rievaulx, and was so attracted to it that he chose to become a monk there, and was eventually elected abbot.

Canonization Date:  9 December 1962 by Pope John XXIII


Servite priest born on April 16, 1819, at Poggiole, Italy, christened Eustace. Second of seven children from a peasant family. His father was sacristan of the local church, but he opposed his son’s interest in religious life.

He entered the Servites about 1837, taking the name Anthony Mary, and he was ordained in 1843. Assigned to Viareggio, Italy, Anthony became pastor of the parish in 1847. He studied the classics and theology. Ordained in 1843. Assigned at age 28 as parish priest in the seaside town of Viareggio, Italy where he spent the rest of his life, working 45 years in service to his flock.

Called il curatino, “The little parish priest” by his parishioners. Had special devotion to the sick, the aged, and the poor, serving with distinction during two epidemics in the town. Founded a seaside nursing home for children, and served as Servite provincial from 1883 to 1890.

His entire life was spent instructing children, caring for the sick and poor, and pioneering the Holy Childhood Society. He was heroic during the epidemics of 1854 and Anthony Mary died on January 14, 1892, in Viareggio. He was canonized in 1962.


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