Virgin Leocritia of C�rdoba
March 15, Virgin and Martyr


Roman Martyrology:  Virgin martyr of Spain. St. Eulogius sheltered her. They were both scourged and beheaded.

Etymology: Possibly from Latin lucrum meaning "profit, wealth”.


She lived in Cordoba, Spain, born to wealthy Moorish parents, but secretly converted to Christianity with the aid of friends.  When her parents began to suspect that her frequent visits elsewhere were not entirely social, she fled their home and sought safety among the Christian community, where she was moved from house to house in order to conceal her whereabouts, in consequence, cruelly ill-treated by her family. Encouraged by Saint Eulogius, she bravely confessed her Faith with him, and like him sealed her confession with her blood.
Saint Eulogius of Cordoba gave her shelter. She entered into religious life, was arrested, scourged, and martyred. Finally beheaded on  March 9, 859 in Cordoba, Spain.


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